Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dividend Miles MasterCard Targeted Promotion: 15000 Free Miles for $2250 in Spend!

Earlier this year, I applied for and received the Dividend Miles MasterCard.  Even though the sign-up bonus was a paltry 50k, the card has a number of advantages: it's issued by Barclays (not Chase), it's churnable, and the bonus miles come with no minimum spend.  How could I go wrong?

I put a RedBox rental on the card after I received it, and 50,000 dividend miles showed up in my account the next billing cycle.  I promptly put the card away in my shoebox of unused cards and focused my attention on another minimum spend.

A couple of months went by, and this arrived in my mailbox:
15,000 bonus miles for $2250 in spend

All I'd have to do is spend $750 per month for three months, and get 15,000 bonus miles.  Effectively, that's 7.6 dividend miles per dollar of spend (1 normal + 6.6 bonus miles).  Yes, please!

There are some interesting restrictions, such as the one that says you can't get the bonus from person-to-person money transfers (Amazon Payments?), lottery tickets, gambling chips, wire transfers, etc.  Good thing they don't restrict purchases of pre-paid reload cards.

Moral of the story: sign up for this card purely for the signup bonus, use it once, and then file it away.  You, too, might receive an offer for even more miles!  In reality, though, their marketing tactic is working.  I'm now carrying my US Airways card everywhere I go, and using it for everyday spend -- exactly what they want me to do.  I just hope they send me another offer in three months.

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