Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Skyguide Executive Privilege Club - $20/yr. Airport Lounge Access

Every so often, a deal crosses my inbox that absolutely seems "too good to be true".  The unassuming email invite I received to join the Skyguide Executive Privilege Club three years ago definitely fit the pattern.  It promised reimbursement of up to 3 airline lounge passes a month in return for a modest $30 annual subscription fee.

Delta Sky Club A in Atlanta - what a view!
So, yeah, we're talking about those secret places in big airports with the fancy sliding glass doors.  You know, the ones you longingly look at as you're sitting in an overcrowded gate area waiting for an overbooked flight, just hoping your tiny economy seat will at least be free of crying babies and spilled food.

With lounge passes running up to $50 per visit, I decided to take the plunge and see what would happen.  I walked through the elusive glass doors and into Northwest Airlines' flagship lounge in Detroit.  I handed over my credit card, cringed a bit, and headed back to the seating area.  It was everything I had ever imagined -- comfy seats, an open self-serve bar, excellent service, free wifi, and bizarro airline agents who actually wanted to help me with my exit row seat requests.  By the time I walked to my gate and boarded my plane, I felt like a rock star.

Best. Shower. Ever. Admirals Club DFW.
Amazingly enough, I submitted my first lounge receipt and a few weeks later received a check for $50 in the mail.  Next trip, same deal.  Rinse, Repeat.

Three years later, the offer remains roughly the same.  The monthly limit no longer exists, but there's a new limit of 12 passes per calendar year.  Crazy enough, though, the subscription fee actually dropped to under $20!  Better yet, there's now an online directory of all of the lounges that offer day passes, and Skyguide covers any lounge you want to visit, even if it isn't in their directory.  This is undoubtedly one of the best deals in travel today, and shouldn't be missed!

Below are the steps if you want to get in on the deal, and I'll refer you to my post at Milepoint if you want all the gory details.
  1. Go to https://subscription.timeinc.com/storefront/site/cy-fb0811.html?link=1005217 and sign up for a subscription.  You'll be charged $19.99.  Don't worry, the offer isn't expired.
  2. Wait a few weeks and you should get an email confirmation.  If not, you can check the status of your subscription at https://secure.customersvc.com/servlet/Show?WESPAGE=am/home.jsp&MSRSMAG=CY.  Just enter your name and address and it should give you your account information.
  3. Once you have a member number, you can log in at skyguideclub.com to print out the rebate form.
  4. Visit any airport lounge, pay for a day pass (usually $50), and keep the receipt.  Submit it with the rebate form, via certified mail, and you should get a check in a few weeks.
  5. You can do this up to 12 times per calendar year (a $600 value!).
Mrs. TIL playing games at the comfy Admirals Club in Chicago.

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